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DOUG TAYLOR - former officer in the Canadian Forces (36 years) and manager at Osgoode Hall (7 years), retired to the Comox Valley in 2004. Can be found in my NDK Explorer HV, when not having a coffee at Rhodos or hanging out at Comox Valley Kayaks where I teach Paddle Canada courses.

JONATHAN REGGLER - Ex-British Army medical officer, became a civilian GP in the United Kingdom for 11 years then immigrated to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, in 2003. Sea kayaking since 2004. Family physician in Courtenay.


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The skeg

Don Lockwood kindly sent a replacement skeg down from Comox Valley Kayaks.

He also sent instructions for its replacement, which we publish here in unedited form. Those of you who read Don's contribution in Winter Harbour will understand.

Skeg installation instructions for Doug.
1. Open the envelope being careful not to scratch the skeg.
2. Hand the skeg to either Penny or Anne.
3. Send Jonathan away to fuss with gear as Anne says he's not good at fixing things.
4. Assemble all "fixing" tools from the resupply boxes. Be sure to check each box at least twice so as not to miss something.

Directions for Penny and Anne.
1. While Doug is assembling tools grab a screw driver and replace the skeg.
2. I vote for Anne to do the assembling and Penny to supervise (much easier than jump starting a tractor)
3. Doug will be still assembling tools for a good 3 hours so I suggest you ladies go for a nice lunch.

WARNING: Failure to follow these directions will result in this project taking far too long.

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