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DOUG TAYLOR - former officer in the Canadian Forces (36 years) and manager at Osgoode Hall (7 years), retired to the Comox Valley in 2004. Can be found in my NDK Explorer HV, when not having a coffee at Rhodos or hanging out at Comox Valley Kayaks where I teach Paddle Canada courses.

JONATHAN REGGLER - Ex-British Army medical officer, became a civilian GP in the United Kingdom for 11 years then immigrated to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, in 2003. Sea kayaking since 2004. Family physician in Courtenay.


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Saturday, June 28, 2008

OK ESN:0-7391670

Departed Sooke Friday, June 27th on the last leg. Next update from the Comox Valley in about two weeks!!
Nearest Location: Saanich, Canada
Distance: 7 km(s)
Time:06/28/2008 16:30:23 (America/Vancouver)



Jill B said...

Bravo Doug and Jonathan! The pictures are great. I know carmanah has the best tasting beer(it doesn't matter what brand). Had no idea that Don Lockwood has such a great sense of humour. Kudos to his comments! How does one lose a skeg? You should have superb weather the next couple of days- will you still be wearing the dry suits? it must be incredibly hot. So a big party will have to be in the works in 2 weeks, eh? Carry on. Ciao Jill and Don

The Explorers said...

Hi Jill

NONE of us knew about Don's sense of humour.

Skegs are lost by fixing them and then not tightening the one screw adequately.

This is written as the hot weather ends. We continue with the dry suits but it is not entirely true to call them "dry". The build-up of sweat within them is considerable - Goretex just cannot work that fast! But I think we would feel naked without them after more than eight weeks of paddling.

We are both a little sad that the adventure is ending but looking forward to seeing everyone and boring you silly with our stories.