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DOUG TAYLOR - former officer in the Canadian Forces (36 years) and manager at Osgoode Hall (7 years), retired to the Comox Valley in 2004. Can be found in my NDK Explorer HV, when not having a coffee at Rhodos or hanging out at Comox Valley Kayaks where I teach Paddle Canada courses.

JONATHAN REGGLER - Ex-British Army medical officer, became a civilian GP in the United Kingdom for 11 years then immigrated to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, in 2003. Sea kayaking since 2004. Family physician in Courtenay.


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If there is no SPOT message for a few days do not panic! SPOT is new technology and a glitch or two may happen. We have loads of back-up with VHF radios and EPIRB.


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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Doug and Jonathan set out this morning following a favourable marine forecast for their 14-17 mile hop. They realised the winds had changed dramatically once they were out of the shelter of the bay and the marine forecast was revised. They turned back and are now staying at a commercial First Nations campsite in Pacheena Bay. The time of the Spot message and the smallest change only in their whereabouts had definitely confused me. Jonathan managed to phone home this evening which why I have a reason for the explanation.


Anonymous said...

Been following from the beginning. You've travelled some of our old hiking haunts (Cape Scott, The Brooks, Grant Bay, Winter Harbour,Estevan, Hesquit,Escalante, Nootka Island etc. Thanks for the pics. They are great.

Take care,

Jennifer and Scott

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anne,

We check everyday and we wondered if that was what had happened.

Jennifer and Scott

The Explorers said...

Hi Scott and Jennifer,
Thanks for your comments. We did get blown back trying to get around Pacheena Point so changed camp sites.
Must thank you for the dehydrated carrot cake. We have rationed it out and celebrate our major passages (Cape Scott, Brooks, Nootka, Flores and Vargas etc,) with a few pieces each with our evening tea/coffee.
See you in a couple of weeks.